Green Commitment

It's easy being GREEN!

Foundations Developmental House, LLC is dedicated to creating a safe, healthy learning environment for your child, and is taking action to be a responsible resident of this planet. The emerging medical science of pediatric environmental health is finding that children are more susceptible to environmental hazards than adults. We take great pride in creating an environment that supports children's safe development.

Selections such as VOC free paints, non-adhesive carpet, nontoxic glues, and formaldehyde-free substrate, extra insulation to decrease use of energy, as well as recycled building materials have all been important choices in building out the interior of our new Chandler office.

Green building materials were used as well as green finishes including certified Climate Neutral Sustainable carpet. Installing an anti-microbial carpet made from 40% recycled material and solvent-free flooring with no harmful VOC provides cleaner air for your child's health and for the health of the environment.

We use a paperless charting and filing system and use the "curly" light bulbs! We've chosen to use "green" cleaning products exclusively!

Lynn rides her bike to work when it is not 115° outside.

And of course we Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. It's the COOOOL thing to do.

We support several wildlife organizations including the World Wildlife Fund, Defenders of Wildlife, and The Gorilla Foundation. In addition to making a monthly donation with our profits from our very popular pinball and gumball machine, FDH will make a donation to a wildlife organization on behalf of every group program. Each quarter we select an endangered animal as a group to "adopt" and learn about. This is a great way for kids to feel they are active in conservation and are making a difference.

We are proud to tell you that Foundations Developmental House is a Green Business!