Leap Summer Camp

Specialized Therapists

Your child will enjoy having Speech-Language Pathologists and other specialists facilitate the overall development of your child. Because our staff has expertise in the area of speech and language development, our program is equipped to meet the needs of your child.

Whether your child is typically developing or speech and language delayed, LEAP provides an atmosphere that every child can only benefit from.

What is LEAP?

Language Enrichment & Acquisition Program

The Language Enrichment and Acquisition Program is a language program for children ages three to six years of age. Speech-Language Pathologists integrate speech and language intervention with play and everyday activities. LEAP is for both typically developing children and children with speech and language impairments.

LEAP includes both typically developing children and preschoolers with normal intelligence but some language impairment. Language impairments can include problems with pronunciation, syntax, sentence construction or using inappropriate voice to communicate.

The curriculum is structured to encourage the children to talk to each other and to their teachers as they move from one activity to the next. Activities include structured free play, sharing, stories and music, and snacks. Weekly themes are used as a basis to plan activities. Speech and language intervention is integrated into all of the daily activities of the program for the children with speech and language impairments.

All children, both typically developing and language impaired, benefit from language enrichment. The program teaches communication skills that all the children can benefit from. Here at LEAP, children will learn to think about thinking. The program promotes a strong foundation for learning to read and write and for later academic success.

A Look at the Curriculum

Circle & Sharing Time

The children greet each other and tell the group something about their day. Orientation about the child's environment is discussed using props like the weather bear and giant calendar. Explanation of theme and corresponding materials are presented.

Children have an opportunity to present a "show-and-tell" item to the group. Each child holds the floor for 2-3 minutes as child-child interactions and conversational turn taking are facilitated.

Motor Activity Time

Large motor activities facilitate full body activity including outside play, exercises, games with movement, etc. Children will be interacting with each other, based on direction from adults; large group or small group activities are planned to encourage child-child/child-adult interactions.

Play Centers

Different activities at each play center revolve around a theme. Play centers include activities focused on art, dramatic play, books, and sensory integration. Children have an opportunity to choose their desired play center for the day. At this time therapists have opportunities to provide one-on-one speech and language facilitation for the children.