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Dyslexia • Dysgraphia • Dyscalculia

The Synergy Dyslexia Center (SDC) is the sister company of FDH. The Synergy Dyslexia Center (SDC) team works closely with other professionals such as neuropsychologists, audiologists, and occupational therapists when differential diagnostic expertise is warranted. It is this interdisciplinary approach that yields the most accurate diagnostic picture and most efficaciously directs treatment choices.

With expertise in diagnosing and treating learning disorders, our center is highly respected as an authority for diagnosing and treating reading (dyslexia), writing (dysgraphia), and math (dyscalculia) learning disabilities, as well as attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder and executive functioning deficit (ADHD/EFD). We treat students of all ability levels. Our deep knowledge of various intervention programs, and practice longevity, allows us to carefully advise a specific method that is compatible with the unique needs of each child.

Researchers have identified various subtypes of dyslexia. Distinguishing and understanding these dyslexia types is important in order to determine what the best treatment approach is to obtain the most successful outcomes for your child. The two most common types of dyslexia are phonological dyslexia or orthographic dyslexia. These problems can co-occur and is then termed mixed dyslexia. There are also the more uncommon surface and deep dyslexia types. Understanding the types of dyslexia a child may have, and also exploring other comorbidities (such as attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, executive function deficit, auditory processing disorder, dysgraphia (disorder of written expression) and dyscalculia (math disorder), or other language processing disorder) allows us to work as efficiently and effectively as possible with your child. We are well versed in the most scientifically proven reading intervention methods including:

  • The Orton-Gillingham Approach®
  • Lindamood-Bell Programs (LiPS®; Seeing Stars®; Visualizing and Verbalizing®)
  • The Logic of English®
  • Wilson Reading System®
  • Fast ForWord®
  • Edmark Reading Program®

It is our philosophy to look at a child’s entire learning system from its neurological source, and not simply confirm the symptoms of the presenting problem.

For additional information on dyslexia testing, services, scheduling and costs, please contact us today at 480-219-3953 or send us an at email at info@sdckids.com.

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