Attention Challenges

The Attention Challenges Simulation

This simulation allows parents, professionals and other interested community members to know how it feels first hand for a student with attention challenges to get through school. The Attention Challenges Simulation includes six activities representing typical school related experiences that will provide a glimpse into the world of a student with attention deficits.

Not only will this simulation workshop increase understanding, empathy, and patience, it will help teachers and parents to facilitate practical strategies.

The Attention Challenges Simulation can be effectively conducted for both small and large teacher and/or parent groups.

While knowledge of the signs and symptoms of AD/HD students is useful, the objective of this workshop is to walk away with a better understanding of the well-intended but often frustrating lives of high potential children facing attention challenges.

If you are interested in having us provide The Attention Challenges Simulation for your school or parent group, please contact us at 480-219-3953.


Do you wish your school professionals had more knowledge on specific speech and language disorders and learning disabilities? Perhaps you would like teachers to have a better understanding on what can be done in the classroom to help your child and other children with similar difficulties achieve academic success?

FDH provides complimentary Inservice on various topics surrounding the reasons why children struggle with academic achievement. An educational inservice can be arranged for your school's teachers or parent support groups. If you are interested in a presentation for your group on a specific topic please call or email us.

Some suggested topics include:

  • Understanding the difference between AD/HD and Auditory Processing Disorder
  • What is the relationship between Speech and Language Disorders and Learning Disabilities?
  • Understanding how to read and interpret your child's evaluation scores
  • Understanding why children with Autism/Asperger's/PDD-NOS have pragmatic language challenges.

Not all possible topics are listed above. If you have a specific topic of discussion you would like to suggest for your group or school that is not listed about, let us know. We will make it happen!